Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Quick Bites: Seabolt's Smoked Salmon Paté

That's no cheese ball -- that's salmon pate!
After a few weeks (or should I say, months) of slumming it in the convenience aisle, I think it’s time to class up the Capsule, don’t you? And I love this recipe for seriously chic salmon paté – a ridiculously easy and delicious appetizer for all the entertaining you’re bound to be doing this time of year.

Seafood can be pricy, but I found a beautiful piece of smoked Alaska King for about $10. And, with the addition of the (budget-minded) cream cheese, this recipe is a great way to stretch the fish to feed a crowd.

Although I have no idea why I might have ventured to the (still very much operational) Seabolt's Seafood in Oak Harbor, WA, as a child, this recipe might convince me to make the trip as an adult to see what else they're cookin' up. Visit them yourself, in person or online: They ship!

Still life with ingredients.
Seabolt’s Smoked Salmon Paté

¼ lb. cream cheese
¼ lb. smoked salmon
1 T. lemon juice
½ T. minced onion
½ T. minced parsley
¼ tsp. garlic powder

Mix all ingredients and thin down with a little mayonnaise or lemon juice, if desired.

  • I am a Pacific Northwest girl, married to a former commercial fisherman, so I'm going to insist: You must use wild-caught Alaska smoked salmon.
  • I used the Cuisinart to whirl everything into pink oblivion. But fear not if you're without a food processor -- it will come together just fine by hand. In fact, it might be a little more retro-chunky that way.
  • I did find the finished paté thick, but because I decide to pack it in a mold, it worked perfectly. If you're planning to scoop it straight out of the Cuisinart, you may wish to fold in lemon juice or mayo as directed to ensure a fluffier consistency.

To make a quick mold, line a small bowl with cling wrap. Spoon the pate into the now-covered bowl, cover and chill. To serve, unwrap and invert onto a serving plate.
Why Don't You?
  • Add some chopped dill or capers -- or both?

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