Sunday, October 28, 2012

Quick Sips: Party Punch with Creepy Frozen Hand

Looking through my already cluttered cupboards, I’m forced to confront an ugly reality: There is just no room for a punch bowl.

More’s the pity, since this Party Punch (courtesy of a leaflet produced by Albertson’s grocery stores) is one tasty libation.  However, I have to admit, it tasted just fine poured from a pitcher.

Punch has not advanced much since the days when everyone did have a punch bowl in their cupboard, and that’s okay. This simple but sublime concoction has timeless appeal.  And with the addition of my Creepy Frozen Hand, you’re all set for Halloween.
Already starting to disintegrate ...

Party Punch

1 c. orange juice
¼ c. lemon juice
1 pt. cranberry juice cocktail
1 c. pineapple juice
1 pt. apple cider
2 qts. chilled ginger ale

Combine all ingredients except ginger ale; mix well. Just before serving, pour over ice in punch bowl; add ginger ale. Yield: 30 punch-cup servings

Creepy Frozen Hand

1 non-latex rubber glove
2-3 packages fruit “gusher” fruit snacks

Distribute fruit snacks into empty glove (making sure to put some in each finger and thumb) and fill with water to about 2” from wrist.  Tie off and freeze until hard, 4-5 hours. When frozen, carefully cut glove away from hand, and float in punchbowl.

Once it starts melting, the fruit snacks sink to the bottom.
·      I used fresh-squeezed orange and lemon juice.
·      I also used unsweetened cranberry juice, but this is definitely NOT SWEET, so test-drive a small amount before you commit to serving it to 30 people.

Why Don’t You …
·      Use real fruit instead of fruit snacks? Grapes, strawberries, kiwi … all would “bleed” nicely into the ice.

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  1. Hi, Stefin,

    I am wondering if among the old Family Circle recipes that you have if you might not have one for Jerry's Bars. It was on one of those recipe cards they used to include in every issue. I've gone to the FC archive and it's not listed, and mine is lost. They were really gooey on the bottom and delicious.